Jeannie Blackman’s roots with EmBe trace back to the very inception of the now-iconic Tribute to Women event, formerly known as the Leaders Luncheon, a testament to her mother Kris Egger’s influential role in its planning 50 years ago. Jeannie fondly reminisced about the countless hours she and her sisters spent in the EmBe pool as members of the Snowfox Swim Team, creating enduring memories of camaraderie and teamwork.

Transitioning through the years, Jeannie’s husband joined the Board of Directors in 2012, the year when men were first welcomed to contribute their perspectives. This shift exemplified EmBe’s commitment to inclusivity and the evolving dynamics of community engagement.

Jeannie’s involvement with EmBe programs continued as she assumed the role of a coach for Girls on the Run, supporting her daughters as participants. Subsequently, she’s embraced the role of a Dress for Success Career Coach for the past seven years. Through this endeavor, she empowers women from various backgrounds, from college students to those reintegrating into society after incarceration, and those struggling to maintain employment or looking to change careers. Jeannie aids them in acquiring essential skills and confidence for the job market.

The newly renovated Dress for Success space within the downtown EmBe facility provides not just a physical setting but a nurturing environment – a sanctuary where women can rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose. Jeannie’s commitment to understanding each woman’s unique journey reflects the personalized, one-on-one assistance that Dress for Success offers, turning what can be a stressful job-seeking process into an empowering experience.

“Every woman who comes to Dress for Success has her own unique story.”

This personalized approach epitomizes the ethos of EmBe and its commitment to recognizing the individuality and potential within every woman they serve.

As EmBe celebrates more than a century of existence, Jeannie attests to the organization’s remarkable ability to adapt and remain relevant to the changing needs of women and families in the community. Walking into the EmBe facility, she witnesses firsthand the tangible impact on women and children who directly benefit from the array of programs offered.

Jeannie Blackman’s dedication and commitment are a testament to the enduring legacy of EmBe, a legacy built on empowerment, inclusivity, and a commitment to shaping a brighter future for women in the community. Through her involvement, Jeannie embodies the spirit of EmBe and is an inspiration for the generations that follow.

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