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EmBe South

For more information or questions, please contact Caitlin Rothschadl, at 605-681-8573 or crothschadl@embe.org.

Advanced Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum

Jr. KinderCollege and KinderCollege are an all-day, everyday pre-school experience unlike any other offered in our area. With a focus on phonics, reading readiness, relationship-building, social-emotional learning, and field trips, your young scholar will be exposed to kindergarten concepts, preparing them to meet the challenges when they enter school.

This classroom is for children at least three years old and will attend kindergarten in two years. Children in Junior KinderCollege are engaged in a valuable play-based learning environment guided by a certified teacher. Instruction is inquiry-based, meaning children are finding answers to their questions driven by the teacher. We understand that each child who begins Junior KinderCollege will come in with different abilities. They will work one-on-one with their teacher at the level best suited for them.

This classroom is for children who are one year away from kindergarten. It is not a prerequisite to have attended Junior KinderCollege before entering KinderCollege. The curriculum adds a more in-depth focus on literacy. Each lesson begins with a story, and all activities center around that story. Children will have the opportunity to use their multiple intelligences to navigate their way through activities exposing them to math, science, language, and fine/gross motor skills.

EmBe childcare financial assistance provides for the needs of youth, families and individuals who cannot afford the full cost of EmBe childcare programs. EmBe is committed to being accessible to all and works hard to support those who may be in challenging financial situations.

Our goal is to offer a safe, healthy and fun environment for your child(ren). Parents remember to keep their children home if they display signs of illness. We will be following illness exclusion procedures to ensure the safety of our children, families, and staff. We will continue the sanitation of common areas and toys to prevent the spread of illness. We will continue to educate children and staff on specific hand washing techniques.

Q: If my child or anyone in the child’s household exhibits the following symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, trouble breathing, headache, or diarrhea, may we bring our child(ren) for care at EmBe?

A: No. We are only as safe as all of our parents and guardians allow us to be. We ask that you notify your primary care physician for direction and keep your child’s site manager updated.

Q: Are toys allowed from home?

A: No. To reduce the spread of germs, no toys are allowed from home. All EmBe toys, puzzles, books, and games are sanitized between use by children.