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Advanced Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum

KinderCollege is an all-day, everyday pre-school experience unlike any other offered in our area. With a focus on phonics, reading readiness, relationship-building, social-emotional learning, and field trips, KinderCollege exposes your young scholar to kindergarten concepts, preparing them to meet the challenges when they enter school.

Q: Will EmBe remain open if Governor Kristi Noem issues a shelter in place order for Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties?
A:  Yes. EmBe Childcare and School Age Care programs are considered a part of essential services critical to maintaining the Infrastructure Workforce. Only the South Dakota Department of Health/Department of Social Services can close our building.

Q: Will parents be notified if there is a positive case of COVID-19 of a staff member or child at EmBe?
A: Maybe or maybe not. We take all direction from the SD Department of Health on who needs to be notified depending on the circumstance and level of exposure or contact.

Q: Are we going to notify parents/guardians who tests positive for COVID-19 at EmBe?
A: No. Names and/or positions or classroom will not be shared due to confidentiality. We take all direction from the SD Department of Health on who needs to be notified depending on the circumstance.

Q: If my child or anyone in the household exhibits the following symptoms of: fever, cough, sore throat, trouble breathing, headache or diarrhea (see may we bring our child(ren) for care at EmBe?
A: No. We are only as safe as all of our parents and guardians allow us to be. We ask that you notify your primary care physician for direction and keep your child’s site manager updated so we may consult with the SD Department of Health for any action required.

Q: Are teachers able to help my child with homework in the School Age Care program?
A: Yes!  Teachers will be in the room to help with questions that children may have and to make sure that their devices get connected to the internet. Keep in mind, EmBe teachers are not elementary teachers, so they will do the best they can, but it will be your child’s responsibility to make sure their work is completed. Please send a list so that your child knows what needs to be completed each day.

Q: Do children get to use their electronics every day?
A: Electronics are allowed for homework at specified times in addition to Zoom meetings with teachers. Electronics are allowed for schoolwork only.

Q: Are toys allowed from home?
A: No. To reduce the spread of germs, no toys are allowed from home at any time. All EmBe toys, puzzles, books and games are sanitized between use by children.

This section is for children who are at least three years old, fully potty trained and able to use the restroom independently and will attend kindergarten in two years. Children in Junior KinderCollege are engaged in a valuable play-based learning environment guided by a certified teacher. Instruction is inquiry based, meaning children are finding answers to their questions driven by the teacher. We understand that each child who begins Junior KinderCollege will come in with different abilities. They will work one on one with their teacher at the level best suited for them.

This section is for children who are one year away from kindergarten and is fully potty trained and able to use the restroom independently. It is not a prerequisite to have attended Junior KinderCollege before entering KinderCollege. The curriculum is expanded by adding a more in-depth focus on literacy. Each lesson begins with a story and all activities are centered around that story. Children will have the opportunity to use their multiple intelligences to navigate their way through activities. This will enable the child to be exposed to math, science, language and fine/gross motor skills.

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A two-week advance notice and payment is required at the time of registration. To cancel, a written cancellation is required to ensure correct handling. The enrollment fee is non-refundable. Ask us about multiple child discounts and scholarship rates based on family size and income.

EmBe childcare financial assistance provides for the needs of youth, families and individuals who cannot afford the full cost of EmBe childcare programs. EmBe is committed to being accessible to all, and works hard to support those who may be in challenging financial situations.

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