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For more information or questions, please contact Stacy Stahl at (605) 336-3662 ext. 208 or sstahl@embe.org.


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Developing minds and bodies

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and Olympic sport which strives to teach courtesy, self control, integrity, perseverance and strong spirit. The martial arts program is also organized to promote discipline, confidence and focus through taekwondo and other styles of martial arts. Taekwondo at EmBe is offered, beginning at age 4. The class is broken into eight week sessions, over the course of a two month period, and you must register for each new session to continue participating in the class. Instructed by June Huntimer, 4th degree Kukkiwon. June has offered instruction at EmBe for over 15 years. A beginner class is over, in additional a more Intermediate/Advanced level for older youth with previous experience in martial arts. All classes take place at EmBe Downtown.

Ages 4 – 9; Thursdays from 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Give your child a head start and a new way of life through self-respect, discipline, confidence and martial arts education.

Ages 9 and up; Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Learn the art of kicking, punching and blocking. Learning self-defense is a fun and exciting way to exercise body, mind and spirit.

“My goal as a martial arts instructor is to develop strong self defense skills in our children. In each class, we focus on developing character. Many parents say bringing their children to Taekwondo makes parenting easier. We create strong discipline,good manners in a positive, social environment. Taekwondo training helps children channel aggression and energy. It provides them with praise, positive reinforcement and lays the groundwork for leadership skills.”

June Huntimer, 4th degree Kukkiwon

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