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For more information or questions, please contact Melissa Hiatt at 605-305-9924 or mhiatt@embe.org.

Our goal through EmBe’s Women’s Leadership Program is to help women deeply understand themselves and the positive impact they can have on others and the world.

 “A leader is anyone who recognizes the potential in people and process and has the courage to develop that potential.” – Brené Brown 

Leadership has nothing to do with how many people report to you or how big of a budget you manage. Leadership is about recognizing potential in yourself first, then others and then in the organizations and communities you live and work in.  Under this definition of leadership, each and every woman fits. This program is for you.

The Women’s Leadership Program began in 2012 and expanded to a three-tiered approach in 2023.

  • Leading Me: Owning My Leadership Journey
  • Leading With: Understanding My Impact on Others
  • Leading Wise: Resourcing my Wisdom for the Greater Good

You don’t have to do leadership and life alone. Wherever you are on your leadership journey, you are invited to participate with other women who want to grow, learn, and expand their leadership impact.

This immersive program welcomes all women seeking development opportunities in their personal and professional lives. Come and be a part of the EmBe Women’s Leadership Program. You belong. You matter.