A Community Network of Support

Every year, hundreds of volunteers make it possible for EmBe to impact the lives of children, teens, adults and seniors. EmBe volunteers contribute their time, talent and resources to help us mentor kids, coach sports, teach water aerobics, send kids to camp, and improve our facilities.

They answer phones, serve as receptionists, fix the equipment, enter data, train other volunteers, raise money, follow-up on pledges, serve on committees, sort the mail, build the website, compile community calendars, organize events, research stories, and much more.

Become a part of our legacy of transforming lives, one volunteer at a time. Find the best fit for you, while helping members of our community.

Sioux Empire United Way is changing lives right here in the Sioux Empire. Their focus is to identify and respond to needs in the community, creating opportunities for a better tomorrow.


Learn more about the events and attractions of downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


The Department of Social Services offers financial help with child care costs for low-income families who are working or seeking employment. Pick up an application at the Deptartment of Social Services, division of Child Support, 811 E. 10th St. Sioux Falls (605) 367-7602.


Fun activities parents can use to build children’s language skills. Includes a reading checklist, typical language accomplishments for different age groups, book suggestions, and resources for children with reading problems or learning disabilities.


Childcare Financial Assistance

EmBe childcare financial assistance provides for the needs of youth, families and individuals who cannot afford the full cost of EmBe childcare programs. EmBe is committed to being accessible to all, and works hard to support those who may be in challenging financial situations.

Childcare Scholarship Application