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Finding Quality Childcare Amidst Uncertainty: The Van Der Sloot’s Story


For the Van Der Sloot family, being confronted with childcare displacement is something they know too well.   After news that their previous center was closing, mom Eden recalled it being “scary, frustrating, and hard to drop her boys off every morning and see their friends not be there.”   “While we knew the closing was happening, it was scary thinking about what to do and who would now take care of our boys. I called many centers that either had waitlists or could accommodate one child but not the other. Price was another thing that we struggled with. As we [...]

Finding Quality Childcare Amidst Uncertainty: The Van Der Sloot’s Story2024-06-21T21:35:32-05:00

Nurturing Young Minds: EmBe’s Approach to Early Childhood Education


At EmBe, we believe in every child's extraordinary potential and see it as our responsibility to guide and support their development. While recognizing parents and guardians as the primary educators, we are honored to complement their efforts by fostering an environment where children can thrive. Our curriculum, a blend of play, inquiry, and spiralized learning, empowers children to drive their own educational journey. In today’s blog, we explore the benefits of these educational strategies within our organization. What is a Spiral Curriculum, and How Does it Benefit Student Learning Over Time? A spiral curriculum is an innovative teaching method where [...]

Nurturing Young Minds: EmBe’s Approach to Early Childhood Education2024-07-03T12:27:59-05:00

Character Development That Lasts a Lifetime


The future is now, and we are shaping it with our revolutionary implementations at EmBe Education. Our actions today impact not only the current state of our workforce and Sioux Falls community but also hold limitless potential for the future through the children we serve. By focusing on character development from birth to age 5, we lay a strong foundation for the success and well-being of children in our care. We believe that from an early age, our core values of Curiosity, Generosity, Autonomy, and Love are crucial. In this blog, we explain how character development in these formative years [...]

Character Development That Lasts a Lifetime2024-06-18T09:27:11-05:00

Women’s Leadership Reunion Celebration Recap


A few weeks ago, we had the fantastic opportunity to gather our past cohorts together for an evening of reminiscent fun, engagement and storytelling. The Women’s Leadership Reunion Celebration was hosted at the Washington Pavilion in the Visual Arts Center. An added bonus to our event was the History of Women was currently on display; a true testament to the powerful women who filled the room. It was truly a memorable evening filled with reconnecting and reflecting on the impact this program has had on our lives and [...]

Women’s Leadership Reunion Celebration Recap2024-04-30T15:40:22-05:00

Women’s Spotlight: Meet Kristi Murfield


Kristi Murfield has seen the full-circle impact of EmBe throughout her involvement with Women’s Programs and as a 2023 Tribute to Women nominee. Since 2022, she has been an active participant in Career Network (formerly Tapestry) and the Making Cent$ Financial Literacy Program. Kristi came to EmBe when she was a season in her life, working through a difficult transition. “I was looking for confidence and a sense of direction to move forward, and EmBe was there for me with their Dress for Success program. Not only did I receive help cultivating a different look for a new career [...]

Women’s Spotlight: Meet Kristi Murfield2024-04-30T14:55:26-05:00

Staff Spotlight: Rachel Gross – Executive Assistant


Welcoming Rachel Gross: A Vibrant Addition to the EmBe Family We are thrilled to introduce Rachel Gross, our new Executive Assistant to the EmBe leadership team, to the EmBe family! Rachel brings with her a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality that we know will greatly contribute to our team. Rachel shared with us a little more about her background, interests, fun facts, travel experiences, favorites, and more. Background: A Small-Town Girl with Big Dreams Rachel hails from the picturesque town of Huron, South Dakota, where she fondly recalls a childhood filled with camaraderie and community spirit. "I had [...]

Staff Spotlight: Rachel Gross – Executive Assistant2024-03-15T13:45:46-05:00

Preschool Enrollment Opens for Fall 2024


A Gateway to Early Education Excellence with EmBe Education EmBe, a leader in providing early childhood education, proudly announces the opening of enrollment for its preschool programs for the fall of 2024. EmBe Education's commitment to nurturing the inherent intelligence of every child aligns with our mission to empower women and families. At EmBe, we offer three distinctive play-based preschool programs, each designed to unlock the potential within every child: Traditional Preschool: EmBe's Traditional Preschool lays the foundation for academic and social development, guided by EmBe Education's belief in the inherent intelligence of every child. KinderCollege: KinderCollege at EmBe [...]

Preschool Enrollment Opens for Fall 20242024-02-16T11:02:52-06:00

Donor Spotlight: Meet Jeannie Blackman


Jeannie Blackman's roots with EmBe trace back to the very inception of the now-iconic Tribute to Women event, formerly known as the Leaders Luncheon, a testament to her mother Kris Egger's influential role in its planning 50 years ago. Jeannie fondly reminisced about the countless hours she and her sisters spent in the EmBe pool as members of the Snowfox Swim Team, creating enduring memories of camaraderie and teamwork. Transitioning through the years, Jeannie's husband joined the Board of Directors in 2012, the year when men were first welcomed to contribute their perspectives. This shift exemplified EmBe's commitment to [...]

Donor Spotlight: Meet Jeannie Blackman2024-04-30T14:48:29-05:00

Women Spotlight: Meet Colleen Keiser


Colleen Keiser's experience with EmBe's Women's Leadership Programs is one of support, enrichment, learning, and growth. Participating in a variety of EmBe women’s programming, Colleen's journey reflects EmBe’s mission to support women, children, and families and the tangible benefits of mentorship. Women to the Workforce: Addressing Everyday Challenges Colleen actively participated in the Women to the Workforce Program. For her, mentorship played a crucial role in tackling the practical challenges of work and life. "Everything was overwhelming at times. Having someone to call and talk through things was nice. My mentor helped with my resume and my elevator speech." [...]

Women Spotlight: Meet Colleen Keiser2024-04-30T14:49:16-05:00

Aquatics Spotlight: Meet Andra and Mitch Kellhoff​​​​​​​


Meet Andra and Micah, mother and son, who have been loyal swim members at the EmBe pool for years. They swim regularly twice a week in the afternoon. The pool has become more than just a place to exercise; it's a sanctuary where they unwind, calm their minds, and navigate the day's challenges. They appreciate the familiar faces at EmBe and being recognized when they come to swim "We know the staff at the front desk, and they know us. Micah arrives by the Sioux Area Metro bus, and when I come in, Marcia at the front desk tells me [...]

Aquatics Spotlight: Meet Andra and Mitch Kellhoff​​​​​​​2024-05-06T13:45:59-05:00
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