Colleen Keiser’s experience with EmBe’s Women’s Leadership Programs is one of support, enrichment, learning, and growth. Participating in a variety of EmBe women’s programming, Colleen’s journey reflects EmBe’s mission to support women, children, and families and the tangible benefits of mentorship.

Women to the Workforce: Addressing Everyday Challenges

Colleen actively participated in the Women to the Workforce Program. For her, mentorship played a crucial role in tackling the practical challenges of work and life.

“Everything was overwhelming at times. Having someone to call and talk through things was nice. My mentor helped with my resume and my elevator speech.”

Discovering EmBe: A Solid Network for Women’s Growth

Introduced to EmBe through a friend, Colleen appreciates EmBe’s exclusive focus on improving the lives and careers of women. In a landscape where not all non-profits prioritize gender-specific support, EmBe stands out as a reliable resource for women’s development.

Colleen actively recommends EmBe’s women’s programs to friends and colleagues, emphasizing their pragmatic and helpful nature. Her advocacy extends beyond personal narratives, embodying the spirit of solid support for one another as women leaders, workers, and cheerleaders.

A Tapestry of Memories: Impactful Experiences

When asked about impactful experiences, Colleen acknowledges that every moment at EmBe has been memorable, with numerous stories to share. Her gratitude is straightforward – a sincere “thank you” that reflects the concrete impact these programs have had on her life.

Colleen Keiser’s journey isn’t just an individual story; it’s a grounded celebration of the strength found within EmBe’s Women’s Programs. As a participant, mentor, and advocate, Colleen embodies the down-to-earth lessons, guidance, experiences, and opportunities that define EmBe’s commitment to supporting women in their growth and development and navigating real-life challenges.

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