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FIRST LEGO League supports compassion and life-long learning skills


Christoph and his wife Angie first joined the FIRST LEGO League community when their two sons were in kindergarten and second grade at Eugene Field Elementary. They started a team with students who already knew one another. After discovering a learning disability, Christoph and Angie’s sons took a year break from participating in the program, ultimately rejoining FIRST LEGO League a year later.   “FIRST LEGO Leagues’ easy integration with standard sports or other school-based social activities, we found an outlet and a home in FIRST through EmBe,” Christoph states. “Our kids could express themselves and gain long-term social skills as well as [...]

FIRST LEGO League supports compassion and life-long learning skills2021-10-26T16:04:51-05:00

Staff Highlight: Rebekah Warmbrand, Lead Teacher 5B


At EmBe, we are proud to serve the community by providing quality educational opportunities to inspire children to be confident, independent thinkers. Without our amazing team of teachers, this wouldn’t be possible. Our teachers help provide a safe and fun environment to facilitate the growth and development of children in our community. Teachers like Rebekah Warmbrand, 5B Lead Teacher at EmBe South, are the heart and soul of our organization. Rebekah’s responsibilities involve caring for a classroom of 4- and 5-year-olds. She also completes lesson plans and prep each week and works closely with her assistant teachers and other staff [...]

Staff Highlight: Rebekah Warmbrand, Lead Teacher 5B2021-10-20T09:41:12-05:00
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