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Aquatics Spotlight: Meet Andra and Mitch Kellhoff​​​​​​​


Meet Andra and Micah, mother and son, who have been loyal swim members at the EmBe pool for years. They swim regularly twice a week in the afternoon. The pool has become more than just a place to exercise; it's a sanctuary where they unwind, calm their minds, and navigate the day's challenges. They appreciate the familiar faces at EmBe and being recognized when they come to swim "We know the staff at the front desk, and they know us. Micah arrives by the Sioux Area Metro bus, and when I come in, Marcia at the front desk tells me [...]

Aquatics Spotlight: Meet Andra and Mitch Kellhoff​​​​​​​2024-05-06T13:45:59-05:00

Donor Spotlight: Meet Karen Schreier


The EmBe pool has been a staple in Sioux Falls since 1965. For years, it has created a safe space for community members to build confidence and establish lifelong skills for all ages. Karen Schreier utilizes the EmBe pool to swim laps for exercise every day and additionally became a donor after seeing the impact that EmBe makes to assist women and children in the Sioux Falls area.​​​​​​​ “One of the things that sets EmBe apart from other non-profits in the area is that it focuses on programs that help women and children from birth to old-age to improve and be stronger community members.”​​​​​​​ At a young age, Karen took early morning swim lessons at her local pool in [...]

Donor Spotlight: Meet Karen Schreier2024-05-06T13:46:23-05:00

Summer Fun, Learning, and Experiences Start at EmBe


Enrollment for 2024 Summer School Age Care Begins December 18 EmBe, a community-based non-profit providing services, and programming for children, women, and families, announced today open enrollment for 2024 Summer School Age Care at their Harrisburg and EmBe South locations. Enrollment for Community Learning Center Summer Care in the Sioux Falls Public Schools opens January 2, 2024. The summer session offers a variety of experiences, engagement, continuous learning, and adventure. Children develop friendships and new skills with unique learning opportunities and hands-on involvement. They experience a full summer of activities like swimming, sports, reading, and games. EmBe also provides weekly [...]

Summer Fun, Learning, and Experiences Start at EmBe2024-01-26T16:28:52-06:00

Childcare Crisis Statement from EmBe CEO Kerri Tietgen: December 2023


The recent announcements regarding the closure of licensed centers in Sioux Falls and its surrounding areas have far-reaching implications for families, children, and the local workforce. This underscores the pressing need for quality childcare services, as over 54,000 families in South Dakota depend on them. As a community, we understand the critical role of childcare in supporting the workforce, and we compel our communities and the state to collaborate on solutions that meet the needs of families and children. EmBe has been engaged in meaningful discourse to navigate this challenging situation with a focus on the well-being of children, families, [...]

Childcare Crisis Statement from EmBe CEO Kerri Tietgen: December 20232023-12-19T14:11:16-06:00
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