The recent announcements regarding the closure of licensed centers in Sioux Falls and its surrounding areas have far-reaching implications for families, children, and the local workforce. This underscores the pressing need for quality childcare services, as over 54,000 families in South Dakota depend on them. As a community, we understand the critical role of childcare in supporting the workforce, and we compel our communities and the state to collaborate on solutions that meet the needs of families and children.

EmBe has been engaged in meaningful discourse to navigate this challenging situation with a focus on the well-being of children, families, and staff. The aim is to find solutions that consider capacity, funding, and community needs, supporting families and staff through these transitions.

The team at EmBe is more than just a group of individuals; they are the driving force behind our legacy of service spanning over 100 years. Their dedication, expertise, and passion are the bedrock upon which EmBe’s success is built. In a landscape where some centers have folded, it’s the collective strength and resilience of the EmBe team that propels us forward and allows us to support children and families.

The recent closures have affected over 1000 children and families, while numerous dedicated childcare workers have faced job displacement. EmBe is open to and has been in conversations regarding ways to provide both temporary and long-term solutions and exploring the financial viability of those options. Additional financial support is necessary to develop a solution. Expansion requires provider expertise as well as the funds to support operational costs.

On a larger scale, we believe in the power of community-driven initiatives. Conversations with state and local leadership have been initiated to strategize and position childcare solutions that benefit parents, employers, and overall workforce development. If your company, organization, foundation, or as an individual, you’re interested in supporting our ongoing efforts, we welcome your contributions. Employers who share our concern for the community’s well-being can play a pivotal role by providing funding assistance. Consider joining us in building a scholarship fund to support families in need. You can make a difference by reaching out to your place of employment, engaging with city councilors, and connecting with legislators to champion this cause.

As we persist in supporting the community, children, and families, we acknowledge that the demand may surpass our current capabilities. Rest assured, we possess the expertise to navigate this challenge and offer solutions such as scholarships, expansion, or interim solutions to support the families that are displaced and in need of childcare solutions.

Now, more than ever, we invite you to join us in acting. Whether you’re interested in contributing financially, exploring scholarship opportunities, or discussing potential expansions, your involvement is crucial. We welcome a conversation with anyone interested in being a part of the positive change we’re striving to create. EmBe’s general fund link is the best way for the community to donate and support. We’re also available to speak with anyone interested in enrollment, open staff positions as well as supporting childcare and EmBe programming in the community. Call 605-336-3660 to speak with our team. Now is the time to make a meaningful impact.

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