Enrollment for 2024 Summer School Age Care Begins December 18

EmBe, a community-based non-profit providing services, and programming for children, women, and families, announced today open enrollment for 2024 Summer School Age Care at their Harrisburg and EmBe South locations. Enrollment for Community Learning Center Summer Care in the Sioux Falls Public Schools opens January 2, 2024.

The summer session offers a variety of experiences, engagement, continuous learning, and adventure. Children develop friendships and new skills with unique learning opportunities and hands-on involvement. They experience a full summer of activities like swimming, sports, reading, and games. EmBe also provides weekly field trip opportunities to places like The Washington Pavilion, Stensland Farms, and more, at no additional cost to parents outside tuition.

“We offer a safe and fun way for kids to spend their summer. Our environment facilitates learning and recreation with activities and trips offering STEAM, reading, music, arts, and more. Kids are busy learning and having a great time while avoiding the learning drop-off that can sometimes occur during the summer months,” said Derrick Spader, School Age Care Manager.

Learn more about EmBe’s summer offerings, upcoming events, programming, and more at www.embe.org.

Enroll your child for Summer School Age Care at https://embesf.formstack.com/forms/childcare_sac_forms 

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