Kristi Murfield has seen the full-circle impact of EmBe throughout her involvement with Women’s Programs and as a 2023 Tribute to Women nominee. Since 2022, she has been an active participant in Career Network (formerly Tapestry) and the Making Cent$ Financial Literacy Program.

Kristi came to EmBe when she was a season in her life, working through a difficult transition.

“I was looking for confidence and a sense of direction to move forward, and EmBe was there for me with their Dress for Success program. Not only did I receive help cultivating a different look for a new career path, but I was also getting uplifting support that helped me find renewed confidence in myself to be successful.”

Receiving referrals is a large part of what makes our Women’s Programs successful! Kristi joined our Women’s Programs after hearing from other women in attendance.

“Not only does EmBe empower women, but they also help and encourage them by bringing diversity, knowledge, and encouragement to women not only in the workforce but also at home,” says Murfield.

Career Network (formerly Tapestry) and Making Cent$ are free programs accessible to any employed woman. EmBe provides these fantastic resources that enable valuable skills, empower you to grow personally and professionally and bring other women along with you in the process.

Kristi added, “Women come together from all age groups, backgrounds, and experiences to inspire and strengthen each other and the community.”

Kristi was nominated for EmBe’s Tribute to Women award in the Business Achievement category this past year! After achieving her high school and college degrees, Kristi volunteered to minister in various churches across the country to give aid and relief to those in need. Most notably, she diligently assisted Hurricane Katrina victims by providing meals and cleaning damaged property. After a whirlwind of education and charitable work, Kristi began her career of helping and assisting clients with her work experience, culminating in her current position, where she has spent many years obtaining skills, leadership, and experience for herself and her team. Creating ever-increasing profits for the company.

“I was surprised and grateful to be recognized with my nomination,” she added.

Kristi’s story is reminiscent of many women’s interactions with EmBe and the extraordinary benefit gained from going through our program(s). If you have a personal story with EmBe that you would like to share, please send it to

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