For the Van Der Sloot family, being confronted with childcare displacement is something they know too well.  

After news that their previous center was closing, mom Eden recalled it being “scary, frustrating, and hard to drop her boys off every morning and see their friends not be there.”  

“While we knew the closing was happening, it was scary thinking about what to do and who would now take care of our boys. I called many centers that either had waitlists or could accommodate one child but not the other. Price was another thing that we struggled with. As we struggled to find both accessible and quality care, I knew it was a definite possibility someone would have to stay home. As two working professionals, we’re thankful we didn’t have to have that conversation after we found EmBe.” 

The Van Der Sloot’s found EmBe through their realtor and have seen a remarkable transformation in their oldest son, Aiden, after starting the Jr. KinderCollege program at EmBe South. She notes, “One of the largest changes we have noticed since Aiden started at EmBe is his ability to talk through why something is upsetting him rather than lashing out. He can calm himself down much quicker and understand why things can upset him while also understanding that having those feelings is okay. You can also see his confidence building in his problem-solving skills and fundamentals.” 

There has also been a notable change in Aiden’s confidence and demeanor. He now walks into a classroom with no fear! Eden compliments his teachers, Ms. Megan and Ms. Sierra, for being an enormous help with getting Aiden through the transition period into their class. 

“We cannot say enough good things about them and how they have helped Aiden, especially with his transition to EmBe. He has had some rough days, and we appreciate them doing all they can to help him and still try to make the day the best it can be.” 

EmBe Education values providing quality and accessible care to those in our community. When asked how it feels to have both quality and accessibility options in a center, Eden comments, “As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your kids and with EmBe, I feel like our family has found that. The staff knows both our kids by name and my husband and I. Ever since taking our tour, I’ve felt that my kids would be in the right place surrounded by people who would love and care for them as if they were their own.”  

“I recommend EmBe to any family looking for care. The staff truly cares about your family and wants the best for the children and parents. Trusting people to watch your kids is not easy to do, and I think anyone who tours EmBe won’t have to question that once they walk into either building. We love EmBe!” 

Eden finishes by commenting that if you are considering EmBe Education, she would tell you, “Call either the South or Downtown location and set up a tour to see for yourself the quality of care your child(ren) would receive. EmBe offers many programs for infants to School Age Care and may have exactly what you are looking for.” 

To set up a tour, or find a program fit for you and your family, go to our Childcare page HERE.