The EmBe pool has been a staple in Sioux Falls since 1965. For years, it has created a safe space for community members to build confidence and establish lifelong skills for all ages. Karen Schreier utilizes the EmBe pool to swim laps for exercise every day and additionally became a donor after seeing the impact that EmBe makes to assist women and children in the Sioux Falls area.​​​​​​​

“One of the things that sets EmBe apart from other non-profits in the area is that it focuses on programs that help women and children from birth to old-age to improve and be stronger community members.”​​​​​​​

At a young age, Karen took early morning swim lessons at her local pool in Flandreau, mentioning she didn’t pass for many years after refusing to put her head under the cold water. As a result, she never liked swimming and into adulthood continued to be afraid of putting her face in the water.

After sustaining a knee injury, and no longer able to run, she turned to water aerobics for exercise and eventually, got more acclimated to the water. At age 50, she decided to learn to swim and now feels safe and confident in her swimming ability.

“There are so few pools in Sioux Falls that are open year-round and EmBe has one of the best. The water is a little warmer than many of the other pools, the lanes are standard length, and usually a lane is available during the times when I swim.”​​​​​​​

She started keeping track of how many miles she would swim and after every 100 miles, EmBe would present a certificate and a gift. Karen adds, “Every 100 miles was a proud moment for me and I would brag to the other women in the locker room and to anyone at my office who would listen. When I pushed past the 1,000 mile mark, it was a huge day when I received that new certificate and a friend presented me with a bag of Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers to celebrate.”

“EmBe’s membership fee is very affordable and swimming is one of the exercise activities that I can do and feel great when I am finished—with no aches and pains!” Karen adds that a perk for when she finishes swimming, she enjoys leaving EmBe and seeing all the parents bringing their children in for childcare.

“As an employer, I know how important it is to have quality and affordable childcare programs in our community. EmBe does an outstanding job helping to provide this community service.”

EmBe trains the most Water Safety Instructors and lifeguards in the state, helping to keep our community pools safe. Whether our members use the pool for swim lessons, training, exercise, or rent it for a fun, pool party, the Aquatics programming at EmBe has something for everyone, at all stages of swimming ability and age.