Meet Andra and Micah, mother and son, who have been loyal swim members at the EmBe pool for years. They swim regularly twice a week in the afternoon. The pool has become more than just a place to exercise; it’s a sanctuary where they unwind, calm their minds, and navigate the day’s challenges.

They appreciate the familiar faces at EmBe and being recognized when they come to swim

“We know the staff at the front desk, and they know us. Micah arrives by the Sioux Area Metro bus, and when I come in, Marcia at the front desk tells me if he has arrived yet. This adds one more plus to my day – knowing they know us!”

Andra also volunteers with Sioux Falls Fireworks Special Olympics, and Micah is an athlete. The Fireworks team holds practice at the EmBe pool for their Spring/Summer Games. Ryan Fisher, the Wellness/Facilities Director at EmBe, volunteers to be a starter at the area competition.

Micah and Andra not only exercise their bodies but also nurture the spirit of community that makes EmBe a truly special place.

“Coming to swim is a special time for both of us. Everyone we know at EmBe is very kind and generous with their time. Thank you, EmBe, for maintaining such a wonderful opportunity to swim all year long!”