Earlier this month, EmBe held a session of its In Dialogue series focused on work-life balance. A hot topic with women, the conversation covered balancing the best of who you are at home, work and in the community. Small groups shared ideas and a panel of local leaders shared ways to become more efficient, how and when to confidently say no and creative opportunities for self-care.

Participant Takeaways

“Balance is a practice. You have to continually work on it and it may never be perfect. What is most important is that you are present where ever you are.”

“Achieving ‘work-life balance’ can often feel like an impossible goal when juggling a career and personal life. Focus on what’s important to you, learn to say no and schedule time for yourself.”

More in 2019

Stay tuned for more from our In Dialogue series in 2019. If you have an idea or suggestion for a topic, please contact Erin.

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