Do you have an imaginative LEGO-fanatic? Is there an elementary school student at your house who needs to practice teamwork skills? Know any kids who aren’t interested in sports? Do you have a kid who just needs a place to belong?

EmBe is bringing FIRST® LEGO® League Junior to South Dakota!

Designed to bring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principals to participants aged 6-10, FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL-Jr) is a fun, non-competitive, team-based activity.  Working as a part of a team, participants will build motorized LEGO models.  They will also research a science or engineering theme, and make a Show-Me Poster to demonstrate what they have learned.

The FLL-Jr season is divided into 12 sessions and an Expo. FIRST supplies an engineering notebook for students and a meeting guide for coaches.  These tools are used to guide conversations, spark questions, give you tips for building and programming your models, and prepare for your Expo.  Coaches and participants do not need any technical or robot knowledge!

Teams are challenged to build the Inspiration Model that illustrates the season’s theme and must be included in your final project.  In addition, teams get a wealth of other LEGO pieces specially selected to help students creatively express their learning.  Teams use those pieces to build a motorized LEGO model of their own design.

At the end of the season, teams are invited to an Expo.  Held in conjunction with FIRST LEGO League tournaments, participants get to enjoy the high-energy environment surrounded by people who love STEM and LEGO as much as you do. Teams present what they have learned to the wider community, celebrate their learning, and have a lot of fun. Expos are amazing experiences!

There is something for every kind of kid in FIRST LEGO.

For more information, contact Jeremy Haugen at or visit

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