A record number of women were elected in yesterday’s midterm elections. From governorships to congressional races, women won in important races in South Dakota and across the country.

In Congress

At least 98 women won house races last night (some races are still pending), beating the previous record of 85 congresswomen. The women elected include the youngest woman ever elected and the first Native American and Muslim women ever elected to House of Representatives.

In South Dakota

Congresswoman Kristi Noem became the first woman governor elected in South Dakota. She’s one of nine female governors which matches the previous record.

In Voters

Women made up a majority of voters in the 2018 midterm elections. Early exit polls show that 53 percent of voter turnout was female. Exit polling also showed that nearly 80 percent of voters said it was “very important” that more women be elected to public office.

In the Future

“We know that when women have an equitable seat at the table, great things happen. And when our elected officials look more like our families and like our communities, everyone wins,” said Karen Lundquist, EmBe CEO. “Last night’s election showed the strength that women have when we step up and when we show up.”

Lundquist continued, “As EmBe continues our work of empowering women and families, we look forward to collaborating with our elected officials to ensure that all women are empowered.”

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