SIOUX FALLS (Oct. 9, 2018)— Today, the EmBe Board of Directors is proud to announce that Karen Lundquist has been named the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer. Lundquist will begin her new role October 24.

Lundquist, of Sioux Falls, has 20  plus years of experience in leadership roles in  a broad range of organizations, and has most recently worked as an executive for the Amputee Coalition, the largest non-profit serving the 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States. In addition to earning a Master’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas, she has also worked at medical device, pharmaceutical and technology companies. Her expertise encompasses creating and driving strategic initiatives, growing programs around advocacy and peer support and nurturing cultures centered around meaningful missions.

“Karen brings a wealth of strategic experience, extraordinary communication skills, and a vision for the continued vitalization of EmBe,” said Amy Bialas, EmBe Board Chair. “While we had many qualified candidates for this position, it was Karen’s positive energy and vision for EmBe that were critical selection points for her as our next CEO.  We were looking for someone to lead EmBe to the next level and Karen will do just that.”

One of Lundquist’s focus points is leveraging the organization’s 100 year anniversary that EmBe will be celebrating in 2021.

“EmBe is continuing an amazing heritage of serving families in the Sioux Falls and Mitchell areas,” said Lundquist. “Broadening our impact by developing and deepening our partnerships is a key to responding to today’s growth and preparing for tomorrow’s needs.”

“EmBe makes a tangible difference for the thousands of families we serve and I look forward to exploring and enhancing how we work throughout the region,” said Lundquist, continuing, “we’re investing in the future by transforming lives today.”