Jackie’s story is an unlikely one. A single mother of two, Jackie found herself out of work. This led to some financial hardship, including an outstanding balance to her daughter’s childcare center – EmBe.

One day, feeling frustrated by her search for a new job, Jackie received a phone call from EmBe looking to collect on Jackie’s outstanding childcare balance. While it started out as what might be considered a collections call, it took a completely different turn.

“Basically the conversation went from ‘Oh, you have this balance and we need to find a way to take care of it’ to ‘I understand. I’m human too. I know things happen.’ That conversation, I never anticipated turning into someone offering me assistance through Dress for Success Sioux Falls,” said Jackie.

Within a week, Jackie was using the services your donor dollars provide to get the tools she needed to get back on her feet. Resume help, clothing for interviews and mock interview help all were provided to Jackie at no cost.

After her initial appointment, Jackie enrolled in the Women to the Workforce program through Dress for Success Sioux Falls. A ten-week job readiness program, Women to the Workforce provides deeper curriculum for candidates actively seeking employment.

Before the ten-week course was over, Jackie had used the skills she discovered within herself to land a great job. And that self-discovery all happened because of your dollars supporting Dress for Success Sioux Falls.

When reflecting on her experience with EmBe, Jackie says, “EmBe has empowered me to be a more present parent.” And that can be seen as Jackie goes on field trips with her daughter who is back enrolled in EmBe childcare (and current on her account) and as she coaches her older daughter’s EmBe volleyball team.

Your donation makes the services at Dress for Success Sioux Falls remain free of charge and make unlikely stories like Jackie’s possible.

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