EmBe’s Tribute to Women will celebrate its 45th event this spring, honoring the incredible legacies and achievements in our community.

Awards are given out based on nominations sent to EmBe, and winners are not announced until the event. You can send in your nominations through Feb. 23.

“When I see nominations open up, I immediately work on thinking of a woman who should be recognized,” says Lucy Albers, senior marketing manager for the Denny Sanford Premier Center. “So many women in my life do incredible things and rarely get recognized for it. Even though we as women often think the things we do are simple, they are very special and deserve to be acknowledged.”

This annual celebration, which also serves as EmBe’s largest fundraiser, is an opportunity for all of us in the community to reflect on women, men and businesses who have positively influenced our lives and to thank them for their efforts.

“We have extraordinary women in Sioux Falls,” says Lindsey Meyers, VP of public relations at Avera. “Tribute to Women is one of those rare events where being nominated is truly an honor, and each woman is celebrated for her achievements. I cannot imagine how they select winners with the achievements that each individual brings!”

Whether through leadership in business, philanthropic endeavors or public service, awards are given out in the following categories: Business Achievement, Banking and Finance, Government and Law, Healthcare and STEM, Community Service, Humanities and Education, Young Woman of Achievement, the Sylvia Henkin Mentoring Award and the EmBeliever Award.

“I’m incredibly supportive of the new EmBeliever area,” Meyers says. “This allows us to think more broadly of those women, men and businesses that impact our community so deeply.”

Each nominee brings to the stage their unique ways of empowerment, making it an evening of inspiration, regardless who walks away with an award.

“These women lift up others, treating them with respect and dignity at every moment,” says Elizabeth Overmoe, who works for the State Bar of South Dakota and in 2016 won in the government and law category. “Their intelligence, professionalism, compassion and strength have inspired me on my journey, and I could think of no better way to recognize someone for the impact they are making then by nominating them for Tribute.”

The nominations empower the nominees themselves as well.

“A public acknowledgement such as nominating someone for an award can be the extra step to make women feel good about what they are doing,” Albers says. “I think it can also be inspiring to the community to see see so many amazing females doing positive and incredible deeds.”

Nominations are open through 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 23, and forms can be found at www.embe.org/tribute. Tribute to Women will be 5:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, April 19, at the Washington Pavilion, and tickets are available at www.embe.org. For sponsorship information, contact Samantha Bucknell at sbucknell@embe.org or 605-336-3662, ext. 205.

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