Aquatics Campaign is Opportunity to Connect to Memories 

For almost 60 years the pool at EmBe has been providing memories and experiences for many throughout our community. It is the pool where some of our community leaders learned to swim and where their children and now grandchildren are learning to swim.  It’s the pool that has been training competitive swimmers, lifeguards, instructors, and at one time, even trained synchronized swim teams.  And thousands of children have celebrated their birthday with a party in our pool.  Today it is also a place where canoers and divers practice their safety maneuvers.  It has for many years, and continues today to impact the lives of many in ways where water and water safety are important.

For all of these individual reasons, the Aquatics Campaign is a priority.  And it is the reason so many individuals and groups are making gifts to support the campaign.  To date, over $50,000 has been raised to improve the EmBe Aquatics Center experience.  These gifts ensure that our plans to repair the ceiling, complete tile repairs and re-grouting, and update pool accessories can be completed this summer.

To achieve greater improvements in the facility and to support new programming will require additional support – your support. Your gift ensures that there are more memories being created and that all the needs for aquatics can be met in our community for all individuals. Consider your gift today!

The EmBe pool may have impacted your life in some way. Honor those memories with a gift of your own to the Aquatics Campaign.  

$100 for swim lessons for a child
$500 for lifeguard training
$1000 for outreach to downtown neighborhood children for group lessons
Any gift amount – to ensure a new memory in the EmBe Aquatic Center

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