Classical music drifts through the halls at EmBe Downtown. If you follow those notes to their origin, you’ll find yourself in the Twos – a bright, lively room full of culture and thoughtfulness. And at the heart of it is Miss Zhenya Lukyanova, the lead teahcer and person responsible for creating such a unique learning environment.

Her Time At EmBe

Miss Zhenya has been with EmBe since April 2013. She began as a float at EmBe South and since March 2016 has been the lead teacher in theTwos. She spent her years before moving to America as a Professor of Geology at the university in Tomsk, Russia. Miss Zhenya and her husband have lived in Sioux Falls since August 2007.

Her Love for Sioux Falls

She loves how trusting people are in Sioux Falls. She noted how in the summer people roll the windows of their parked cars down for ventilation and to keep them cooler. She’d never seen that in a city before. Zhenya and her husband love walking to downtown to enjoy the culture. She’s delighted by the changes that have happened in downtown since 2009. When not at work, Miss Zhenya likes to “read, write, think, walk… and think again.”

While adults are constantly encouraged to find their inner child, Miss Zhenya loves that she works in a place where “the inner child can be released.”

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