When Brittany Lee went to Wal-Mart to pick up formula this summer – a fairly routine errand, little did she know that she would leave Wal-Mart with formula and a story of the time she saved a life.

As Brittany headed into Wal-Mart that day, she noticed a group of people standing around a man in the parking lot. As she approached, she heard the people gathered asking each other if they knew CPR. No one did and they couldn’t find the man’s pulse.

That’s when Brittany, Lead Teacher in Transition Room at our Downtown childcare center, stepped into action using training she gained as a childcare worker. Brittany quickly began using hands-only CPR and within a few chest compressions, the man took a deep gasp and slowly began to recover. She waited with the group of people until the ambulance arrived and went about her errand.

Employees at EmBe are equipped with life-saving skills that not only benefit the kids in our care, but the community as a whole.

When asked about the experience, Brittany responds with a nonchalant, “if somebody’s life is in danger, I’m going to at least do something until the paramedics get there.” That no-nonsense temperament gives Brittany the ability to care for rambunctious kids and step into action when she sees someone that needs help.

Brittany would encourage anyone to get CPR certified. Whether that’s to make sure your family members are safer, or to help out a stranger, “it’s a great feeling knowing that you helped someone.”

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