EmBe CEO Column: July 2022

Dare to Raise, Rise2Raise

“They’re just like us.”

That’s the recurring thought of this past month at EmBe.

It was the first thought that came to my mind as I sat in a circle of past and present board members recently. The statement’s on repeat, in my mind and out loud, as we peruse the pages of our 100-year-old history. My heart races at any discovery that triggers it and my spirit dances with each jaw-dropping move made by our sisters and allies of the past.

If you can’t tell, we’re uncovering our history from the pages of scrapbooks that were in totes, that were in storage pods and filing cabinets, twice removed. And if my kids thought I was good at saving memories and less so at sharing them, I’d volunteer them as a tribute to digitize and record each milestone made by this century-old nonprofit.

There are so many.

Although there’s more to be found in the paper as old as the mission, much of this history is alive and lives in the minds of past employees, board members, donors, and volunteers. They’re people like you, who not only hold a part of this mission’s history, they contain the moments in which women, children, and families in our region overcame a barrier to their empowerment.

EmBe 100 Years of Courage LogoFrom My Core to Yours

That’s why learning our history and understanding our impact over the past 100 years is an intentional function of the EmBe Core to Core fundraising campaign. While we seek to raise $100K in 100 days leading up to our celebration on September 28, we’re also seeking stories that demonstrate our mission in big and all ways.

There’s no doubt the task of peer-to-peer fundraising requires some courage from each who endeavors, but with stories of challenge, mounting confidence, and thriving communities, we will cultivate the next century of courage. I hope you’ll join me on the campaign by creating your own fundraiser page, encouraging other fundraisers, or donating to them here.

We’re also cultivating our next century of courage every day EmBe is open, and one of the many exciting developments we’re launching is Rise2Raise, a collection of programs that equips girls to harness their power and elevate others through peer-to-peer mentorship and education, community action and connections to leaders, resources, and opportunities.

The collective conceived by Allison Sinning, EmBe’s unstoppable Youth Development Manager, is not just the first of its kind to chart the course in our region, it’s an innovative platform that once met the applause of the Obamas and other global leaders. I’m certain it will not only meet the applause of girls and guardians in the region but also illuminate our dot on the national and world stage.

I hope you’ll join me, my girl, and many others as we dare to raise, and collectively Rise2Raise this summer.

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