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Finding childcare can pose a challenge to any parent. Finding childcare that prioritizes children’s learning, health and safety is often much more difficult.

Megan Koppen, a working mom, knew she wanted a center with these qualities and more. Koppen began her search for childcare with Google.

“We literally did a Google search, and EmBe was the first one that popped up,” Koppen said.

Koppen scheduled a tour and was impressed with what she found. “We really loved the security of it,” she said. “I’m kind of a neat freak, so cleanliness was a big thing. You could tell it was wiped down everyday.”

Koppen enrolled her daughter, in EmBe’s childcare when she was 18-months old. Now age 4, she currently participates in EmBe’s Spanish Immersion program.

“I absolutely love it. Señorita Karen is amazing,” Koppen said. “It’s nice that Señorita Karen keeps the learning techniques different, so Lily doesn’t feel like she’s doing the same thing every year. She’ll be going into her third year in Spanish.”

Like Koppen, Nathan Hults and his wife toured the facility before committing to EmBe’s childcare program. Hults initially felt uneasy about enrolling his daughter in public daycare.

“I grew up going to private home care, and my wife grew up doing public care,” Hults said. “I was a little nervous about public care, but EmBe made it really easy.”

After touring EmBe and talking with the staff, Hults felt reassured.

“We didn’t actually look anywhere else — we didn’t need to. We toured it, we heard great things from friends of ours and it’s across the street from my wife’s work.”

Hults has enjoyed watching his 20-month-old daughter’s language skills improve.

They’ve been working with her on sign language,” he said. “She knows a lot of that stuff now. They’ve made leaps and bounds.”

Hults attributes his daughter’s progress to the EmBe daycare staff.

“They keep the child engaged. The staff just really care.”

Koppen has also appreciated the staff at EmBe. “They’re so willing to go above and beyond to communicate,” Koppen said. “Barb, the front desk lady downtown, is hilarious. The kids just adore her.”

Hults and Koppen expressed their appreciation for EmBe’s childcare programs.

“These people that take care of your kids are so important,” Hults said. “It’s really just a great place to have your kid for eight hours a day.”

 “I love EmBe,” Koppen said. “I could talk on and on about EmBe all day.”

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