EmBe CEO Departure Announcement

 EmBe CEO Departure Announcement

During a time of transition and change, EmBe is announcing that Karen Lundquist, its Chief Executive Officer, will be leaving the organization in April.

“Although we regret Karen’s departure, we have confidence in our senior leadership and the vision of our board to continue to deliver on our mission and the foundation we have built since 1921,” said Alex Halbach, EmBe’s Board President. “With a clear plan for interim leadership, our programming will continue to evolve to meet community needs.”

The Board of Directors has appointed Anne Rieck McFarland as Interim CEO of the Organization while it begins the process of locating and hiring the next CEO. Anne had previously served as the CEO of LifeScape.

EmBe’s mission of empowering women and families is as relevant as ever. At this time, EmBe is meeting childcare needs for those critical to the pandemic fight, both at EmBe facilities and in partnership with collaborators off-site. In the days and week ahead, EmBe is anticipating an increased need for interview coaching, suiting and job acquisition and retention support in the coming weeks. Developing remote options and preparing volunteers and staff to handle an influx is one of EmBe’s top priorities. EmBe will follow the lead of Dress for Success Worldwide in meeting these needs.

EmBe’s program and schedule updates are available at EmBe.org along with resources and references.

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