The CEO Column: June 2022

Finding Hope Here

We remember how much a human can bear in the wake of unthinkable tragedy. 

Every parent who celebrated the start of summer held the joy of their child’s achievement in tandem with the shared grief of parents in Texas. Every parent who dropped their child off for daycare bore the weight of uncertainty as each child who’s completed an active shooter drill may understand the uncertainty each day may hold.

Couple the weight of our shared reality with the prolonged sense of uncertainty we’ve experienced over the last two years and the burden of these experiences may quickly seem unbearable–especially when we bear it alone. 

That’s why I must share that I haven’t, I won’t, and I hope you won’t either.

While each devastation reminds us of the possibilities and each loss may seem to chip away at our resilience, we must also keep hope in clear sight. And when we don’t see it, we must seek it.

That’s what I and so many of our community members have done, and I want you to know that you, too, can find hope here. 


Over the past month, thousands of community members gathered through the Spring Girls on the Run 5Ks throughout the state, hundreds of women gathered to honor themselves and each other, and children and their families gathered to build gardens that will teach and bear fruit. All have found hope here, and ways to recall it when we’re not actively connected.


I’m one of them. When things get so heavy, I lean on the experiences this organization has made possible: The laughter echoing down our childcare hallways, the teamwork demonstrated by FIRST® LEGO® League competitors, the strength of girls running for fun, and the confidence and support I see in the women who gather here. As alive and vivid as all the people in them, these visions are like an IV drip of hope in otherwise heavy and chaotic times.

So, I challenge you to connect to this work of empowerment or deepen your connection to it. Whether you’re called to empower others or yourself, you’ll not only find hope here, but you’ll also give hope. No matter the weight of what you carry, I promise hope will lighten your load.

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