Staff Spotlight: Kelly Ballew – Chief of Staff

Staff Spotlight: Kelly Ballew – Chief of Staff

Just as EmBe can be many things to many people throughout a lifetime, our stakeholders interact with our century-old mission through a variety of programs and roles throughout their EmBe journey. We call it the Circle of Empowerment.

Whether participants become donors or volunteers who become team members, everyone we touch finds a way to impact our organization and the individuals we serve positively. While our Chief of Staff is no exception to this rule, Kelly Ballew’s story is exceptional, and we’re finding more than one circle within it.

Although Kelly joined our leadership team in a formal capacity eight months ago, she started volunteering with Dress for Success (DFS) eight years ago. And just as we completed the operation’s big move to downtown earlier this year, Kelly was reminded of her role in securing its first location.

“While I found EmBe through volunteering at Dress For Success many years ago, I also got to help DFS as their real estate broker in 2016,” Ballew said. “I realized my passion for nonprofit work as a volunteer, which is why it’s an amazing honor to get paid for it now. It’s a wonderful feeling to look forward to work, knowing the impact we make by showing up for women, families, and each other.”

In her role, Kelly is the senior advisor and partner to the CEO on all matters related to planning and strategic priorities, program oversight, and operations. In other words, she’s our glue. Interacting with all components of our massive organization, she ensures that programs and events work and grow following our mission.

“I’m lucky enough to work with our staff at EmBe, and I’m so proud of that fact,” Kelly said. “Our team is nearly 250 people large, and we all do amazing work and cheer each other on while doing it.”

When she’s not wearing her chief-of-staff hat, Kelly’s servant heart remains a prominent presence supporting individuals of all ages and stages. In addition to her volunteer work at EmBe, Kelly continues more than 13 years of service at Avera’s Dougherty Hospice House.

“I love the balance and perspective that I gain from my volunteer and work-life today,” Kelly said. “It’s a full circle, working with young children at EmBe and walking with people at the end stages of their life at Avera. I couldn’t think of a better way to serve our community, and I’m grateful to EmBe for empowering me to do that work.”

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