The CEO Column: May 2022

Securing the Next Century of EmBe’s Impact

Over the last 100 years, EmBe has been on a mission to empower women, children, and families to enrich lives. In 1922, our founders were the first to recognize the power of women gathering. They established an organization focused on women’s voices, work, and ability to solve community issues together.

We weren’t just the first to offer women a dedicated place in the community. We are also the first to shelter battered women, the first to pay tribute to their impact, and the first to advance their children’s care by piloting preschool in the region.

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By investing their time and treasure, our founders set the foundation for a century of leadership and as many “firsts” as the women in our region required of us. We’re now the oldest and largest women’s organization in our region, employing nearly 250 people.

While our childcare pillar empowers over 300 families to go to work every day, our youth programs support and develop thousands of young minds from Mitchell to Winner every year, and our women’s programs are driving immeasurable returns through the advancement of women in the workforce. Additionally, we can’t understate the importance of our family and aquatics pillar, which saves lives through thousands of swim lessons and hours invested in lifeguard, CPR, and AED certifications each year.

I know what you’re thinking. We do a lot at EmBe. And we can also agree that we’re the proper organization and precisely the right people to do it.

With 100 years of anticipating and meeting the needs of women and families under our belts, we also see how much work we have yet to accomplish–together.

In recognizing that our mission is an investment in our community’s future and the empowerment of all individuals, we acknowledge that this critical work wouldn’t be possible without all who came before us. In their spirit and vision, I ask you to join me and many of EmBe’s employees in setting the foundation for the next century of leadership.

By giving a small portion of our pay today, we’ll invest in the future and see returns in a better tomorrow for all.

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