‘I felt so loved and special, they cared about me and my success’: Colleen Keiser’s Story

Colleen (left) practicing mock interviews.

“I felt so loved and special, they cared about me and my success”

Feeling beaten down emotionally and mentally, Colleen Keiser was looking to boost her self-confidence and to sharpen her professional skills for an upcoming job interview.

“I wanted to gain my self-confidence back and understand what I wanted to do with the rest of my working life,” Keiser said.

In 2019, Keiser joined Women to the Workforce, an EmBe program designed to help prepare participants to obtain employment or advancement in their current jobs.

“I felt like each session was specifically designed for me,” Keiser said. “The personal touch that Lori Strasburg, EmBe’s Program Coordinator added to each session made them special. It made me work harder to do my best.”

During the ten Women to the Workforce sessions, she learned the value of conversation, how to start and continue the conversation, and managing money, time and talents. Other topics include organizing your job search, gaining transferable job skills, putting your best face forward, interview tips and tricks and more.

“The confidence that Colleen gained throughout the program was so incredible that since her participation she has even started her own business where she uses her creative passion to provide comfort to others,” EmBe’s Lori Strasburg said. “She is an inspiration to many and has even volunteered to mentor future Women to the Workforce participant.”

Women to the Workforce taught me the skills I needed to keep me going through the pandemic,” Keiser concluded. “I need to be knowledgeable about situations and circumstances and decide what is best for me.”

About Women to the Workforce

Women to the Workforce is a free career development program that is open to all women who are actively seeking employment or advancement in their current jobs. This ten-session program provides tools to help create a personal action plan, gain career skills and learn how to utilize job search resources to build confidence. Participants will have the change to build personal networks in a small, supportive environment with others including Women to the Workforce coordinator, mentor and peers.

To enroll in the program, you must submit a registration form to EmBe’s Dress for Success Sioux Falls office. Click here to download a digital copy of the registration form. Registration deadline is Monday, August 3, 2020.

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