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Fast Five: Work From Home Burnout

Working from home sounds great in theory. No morning commute? Comfortable clothes? Sign me up.

Like many theories, working from home is often not nearly as fun in practice. Endless Zoom meetings and online networking can leave the best of us feeling exhausted and overworked.

What is burnout?

Burnout is stressed caused by one’s occupation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), symptoms of burnout may include: feelings of energy depletion while working, reduced efficacy or increased mental distance from your job.

Wellbeing in the workplace has become more important, but what happens when your home and your workplace suddenly collide? The risk for burnout increases.

Here are five ways to avoid work from home burnout:

  • Draw boundaries

Defining the difference between work and home life can be challenging. One easy way to draw a line between the two is dressing up for work on the weekdays. Wearing work clothes will help you develop and maintain a work mindset. As soon as the work day ends, you can change back into whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  • Define expectations

Spend your energy on the most important tasks at work. Communicate with your supervisor to determine goals and expectations for each week. Setting clear checkpoints will help you avoid frustration and uncertainty.

According to an article by Harvard Business Review, working all the time is not sustainable. You are not expected to be productive for all eight hours in a day, and you should not expect yourself to complete eight hours of productive work.

  • Create a routine

Working from home can create many distractions. Manage distractions by setting a clear routine for day-to-day work. Right now, a typical work day routine might be unrealistic. Though routine may differ from a typical work day, setting guidelines will help you regain a sense of control. 

Work with your supervisors to communicate your new routine. Having a routine can help you find time to balance work and family, as well as time for yourself.

  • Practice self care

Make time for yourself each day. Simple activities, like short walks or exercise, can have a positive impact. Sleep and healthy eating can also affect your day-to-day outlook.

  • Connect with others

Working at home can create a sense of isolation. To beat the blues, schedule time online with your friends. Meet for a virtual happy hour to catch up or set aside some time for a phone call.

Working from home is new for many of us. With these tips, you can start to make working from home work for you.

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