EmBe Announces Plans for its 100 Year Celebration

Stephanie Land, the author of the New York Times Bestseller turned Netflix series Maid, will provide a keynote on September 28 to honor the organization’s 100-year-old mission of empowering women, children, and families of the Sioux Empire.

Sioux Falls, SD (June 23, 2022) –EmBe, the oldest and largest women’s organization in the region, will celebrate its centennial through a series of events beginning with the organization’s first-ever girls’ summit, Rise2Raise, on August 10 and culminating with a keynote by New York Times Bestselling author Stephanie Land at its celebration event on September 28 at the Washington Pavilion.

The nonprofit organization is also marking the 100th anniversary of its mission through Core to Core, a 100-day fundraising campaign to raise $100,000. The peer-to-peer campaign launched on June 20, seeking individual fundraisers impacted by EmBe’s mission to set and meet individual donation goals for the organization by September 28.

While much has changed since the mission was founded in the wake of women’s suffrage—from the organization that stewards it to the community needs that continue to shape its offerings, the fundraising campaign will illustrate the organization’s impact over the years and support its future growth said Susanne Gale, EmBe Chief Development Officer.

“Core to Core is a dynamic expression of our call to empower one another through story and sincere acts of connection,” Gale said. “As stories of impact unfold over the next 100 days, we hope that mounting awareness will help us cultivate what we need to sustain this mission for the next century: Courage, authentic leadership, and goodwill. And we’re thrilled that Stephanie Land will share her own story to drive that message home.”

With activities beginning in June of 1921, the mission was established as the Young Women’s Christian Organization of Sioux Falls on September 7, 1922, by Mabel Crossman, Isabelle C. Foster, and Hazel W. Piaggi. The nonprofit took on its current name in 2013 to better encompass its mission to empower all in its proximity.

In addition to Rise2Raise and the banner celebration event on September 28, EmBe invites all community members to its ribbon-cutting ceremony taking place 100 years to the day the mission was established on September 7 at 4:30 p.m. Enrollees will also be invited to attend celebrations spanning the organization’s core services.

“Celebrating our centennial is just as much about the years we have behind us as it’s about the years we have ahead of us,” said Kerri Tietgen, EmBe Chief Executive Officer. “Most importantly, it’s about our community’s people and our capacity to rise to the day’s challenges, to know each other’s needs, and to innovate ways to meet them. Throughout this celebration, we want community members to question how a women’s organization evolved to encompass families, youth development, and childhood education over the past century, and we want to answer them through our actions and vision for the next.”

Follow EmBe on Facebook and Instagram to find forthcoming details on EmBe’s 100-Year celebration. To support EmBe’s mission this summer, join the #embecoretocore campaign as a donor or fundraiser.

The nonprofit relies on donations and fundraisers to support its mission and to diminish the economic barrier to empowerment. In 2021, EmBe provided over $350,000 in scholarships to individuals and families seeking financial support with its childcare, youth development, family wellness, and women’s programming.


About EmBe:
EmBe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to empower women and families to enrich lives. As the oldest and largest women’s organization in Sioux Falls, SD, EmBe has anticipated and served the needs of women and families since 1921. Now in its second century of supporting success at work, at home, and in life, EmBe programs serve over 12,500 individuals each year. Learn more at embe.org.

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