Staff Spotlight: Jamie Farley – SAC Coordinator Harrisburg Liberty

Staff Spotlight: Jamie Farley, SAC Coordinator – Harrisburg Elementary

Meet JamieJamie Farley was looking for a fulfilling job that fit his skills and experience when he discovered a posting for the School Age Care Site (SAC) Coordinator position. 

“I quickly discovered that EmBe is a great organization to work for,” Jamie said. “You have great benefits and opportunities, but you get to make a daily impact in a child’s life. For some, it’s an influence that they may not have outside of EmBe.”

Over four years later, Jamie is the SAC Site Coordinator at Liberty and recently expanded his responsibilities as a Program Planner.

“I’m most proud of running my program at Liberty and the strong relationships I’ve built with the kids and team members,” Jamie said. “I feel like I have been able to run an organized program that I can be proud of and that kids enjoy daily.”

In his new role, Jamie still works with the kids and team members at the Liberty site, but he also uses his expertise to help other SAC site coordinators and bolster EmBe’s mission.

EmBe’s been on a mission to empower women, children, and families for over a century. As the first organization to bring preschool to the region, education has long been a core function of EmBe’s childcare and youth development programs since its formation. SAC site coordinators like Jamie lead this initiative at each of the five SAC sites by planning daily activities and lesson plans for school-age children before they go home each night.

“EmBe’s approach is uniquely comprehensive, and my vision is to help the public see how that positively impacts our community in the present and the long term,” Jamie said. “Our curriculum also evolves, and I enjoy being a part of that process. I want to continually bring different ideas to our curriculum leaders and develop new ways to engage and educate tomorrow’s leaders.”

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