Donating to Make a Difference: Christina Oey

When the coronavirus uprooted the life of a Dress for Success client, Christina Oey stepped in to help through a generous donation.

“It takes one person to make a difference,” Oey said. “I know this firsthand, as I have benefited greatly from nonprofits throughout my childhood and youth.”

Oey donated scrubs for the client, who had been transitioned into a new job with little notice.

“Finding professional clothes is challenging, especially when you’re in a tough spot,” Oey said. “It feels good knowing you’re helping someone at an important stage in their lives.” 

Oey, who serves as the director of development for Feeding South Dakota, has been directly addressing needs caused by the coronavirus for the past several months.

“Many people in our state are struggling, and it’s our job at Feeding South Dakota to meet the unique demands that Covid-19 has created for people experiencing food insecurity,” Oey said.

Through her position, Oey has experienced the importance of community support in overcoming challenges.

“It’s vitally important to help our neighbors in need, as we are all in this together,” Oey said. “We all do better when we all do better.” 

Oey’s desire to help others led her to participate in EmBe’s programs. A graduate of EmBe’s Women’s Leadership Program, Oey frequently volunteers for programs like Dress for Success. 

She’s also found opportunities to get her family involved. Oey’s kids have participated in Girls Maker Week and other similar programs.

“I decided to get involved because I wanted to use my skills and talents to help other women grow, and because I know the power of hearing the words ‘you can do it,’” Oey said. “I love that I get to share these powerful words every time I volunteer.”

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