Tribute to Women Sponsor Spotlight: Sanford

Post Sponsored by Sanford.

Stacy Wrightsman, Executive Director of Community Relations for Sanford Health

“Good work, inspiring leadership, and positive momentum in our community doesn’t stop during a pandemic,” said Stacy Wrightsman, Executive Director of Community Relations for Sanford Health. “Tribute to Women gives these caring, intelligent, innovative, and remarkable individuals a platform to share their story and an opportunity to be celebrated.” Tribute to Women will go virtual on May 19 on EmBe’s Facebook page.

Sanford Health is committed to being integrally involved in the health and wellbeing of families That includes support for EmBe programs, including Tribute to Women and other programs that empower women and families. Wrightsman said Sanford appreciates the ways EmBe anticipates and meets community need. “EmBe looks at the community landscape to determine what is needed now and what needs aren’t being met.”

It’s important to shine a light on the individuals making a difference at this time. “Now more than ever, heroes are living in our midst doing amazing things to provide service and care to our community,” Wrightsman added.

Sanford Health is stepping up and caring for the community in this time of uncertainty. From sewing masks for patients to raising funds for members of the Sanford family in need to supporting community programs like Tribute to Women. “We’re creating a healthy community one family at a time,” she concluded.

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