In Her Shoes Client Spotlight: Regina Stough

What do you know about EmBe Dress for Success Sioux Falls? “EmBe Dress for Success is more than clothes,” program alumna Regina Stough gleefully shared. “EmBe Dress for Success Sioux Falls helps women of all ages, all walks of life. The programs are set up to help you succeed,” Regina said.

When Regina came to EmBe Dress for Success Sioux Falls, she was in her second year of an associate’s degree program and would soon be seeking full-time employment. A friend who mentors guided Regina to the Women to the Workforce program, and after becoming employed Regina joined Tapestry, a group of employed women. “The women at EmBe’s Dress for Success Sioux Falls helped me regain my confidence. I was unsure of my worth and abilities,” Regina said.

Regina says EmBe’s Dress for Success Sioux Falls programs aren’t always easy. “You need to put some work into it but the coaches, speakers, and mentors are all there to help guide you from the start.  If you falter, you are not done, you simply pick yourself up and begin again.”

Now employed in the healthcare field, Regina says she loves telling others about EmBe Dress for Success Sioux Falls programs. Her favorite memory was a Women to the Workforce mock-interview session. “I was better prepared for the questions that may be asked, the correct way in which to answer them, while maintaining an air of confidence in my own abilities. At the end of the meeting, I felt empowered!”

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