EmBe Vehicle Fund Drive

Sioux Falls (January 13, 2020) — Friday, December 13th held true to its reputation for EmBe, when two vans and a bus were disabled in the parking lot at EmBe South, just off of 69th and Louise in Sioux Falls.

EmBe uses the vehicles to safely carry children on field trips, to transport them to EmBe for care, and to support programs like FIRST LEGO League, Girls on the Run, and swimming.

That day, these vehicles were taken out of service through thefts of the catalytic converters.

The vans were repairable, but the bus was not, creating a needless expense. The timing couldn’t have been worse, leaving EmBe without a way to transport children during holidays that are typically filled with extra activities and more children cared for when school is out.

As EmBe works to identify a replacement vehicle, it means reallocating financial resources and being creative about transportation.

“It’s difficult for me to imagine someone targeting organizations that provide childcare,” said Karen Lundquist, EmBe’s CEO. “We’re always prepared for the unexpected, but this kind of malicious and needless action is incredibly disappointing.”

Click here If you would like to consider making a donation to assist EmBe with these unexpected expenses. We’re reallocating resources and being creative with transportation. Your support means kids get the care and experiences they need to be empowered.

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