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For more information or questions, please contact Jennifer Swenson at (605) 336-3660 or jswenson@embe.org.


300 W. 11th St.
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Learn to be a future #LADYBOSS

EmBe’s Girl Ignited™ leadership camp is a unique 4-day summer camp experience that will give girls in grades 6-8 an opportunity to learn what leadership means, and how to be a leader among their peers, at school, and in the community. They’ll be given the opportunity to meet, witness in action, and engage in conversation with women in our community in leadership roles and who have have chosen non-traditional career paths. Girls also will learn leadership and team building skills through a ropes challenge course at the YMCA Leif Ericson campsite. Each girl will participate in the Real Colors Personality Assessment, giving the girls an opportunity to learn about themselves and how to communicate with others around them. Dream boards are created for the girls to set goals and continue working towards those. The girls will also learn from professionals in personal finance, and have opportunities to learn about giving back in community service.

Camp Date:
July 22-25

Camp is held at our Downtown EmBe location from 8:30am-4:30pm.  We will spend a fair amount of time traveling throughout the city of Sioux Falls meeting with many amazing women right here in our own community.  Camp sessions are limited to 14 participants each week.

$106.50 per participant, tax included
We will not turn anyone away based on inability to pay. If financial assistance is needed, please click here to complete a scholarship application.

Whats included:
Each camper will leave with a binder full of notes and inspiration on becoming a future #ladyboss.

What to bring:
Each camper will be required to bring a sack lunch.  A light snack will be provided in the afternoon.

The Women in IT Program at Citi: learned how advancement in technology is shaping our world all starting in Sioux Falls

Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (former US Congresswoman) & Olympia Scott (former WNBA athlete): empowered to follow our dreams

The GEAR Center at The University Center: visited with nationally recognized researchers working on tissue scaffolding to replace live organ donation

The Teddy Bear Den, The Banquet & various other local non-profits where we discuss the importance of serving our communities and also gave our time helping with a project

Click Rain (internet marketing): visited with the owner and staff sharing their story and how to positively market yourself, personal branding, personal website design

Sanford Promise Lab: met with females in research at Sanford and toured the facility

Melissa Johnson, owner of Oh My Cupcakes! and other locally owned small businesses: toured and learned the process of operating your own business

Sioux Falls Police Women, Sioux Falls Fire Women, City Council Women and County Professionals: toured city and county facilities learning about local, state and national government operations

Dr. Rosemary Erickson, Athena Research Corporation: forensic scientist, sharing her experiences working around the US and the importance of self awareness

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