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Tribute to Women Nomination FAQ’s

  • Who can submit a Tribute nomination?
    • Any individual, corporation, agency, civic organization, school, place of worship should lift up a deserving woman. In addition, the Embeliever award is is open to ANY individual or organization that fits Tribute criteria. EmBe staff and their families may not submit a nomination.
  • Can multiple people nominate someone?
    • Yes. We suggest you work together to submit a single nomination form rather than submit multiple nomination forms. If EmBe receives multiple nominations for the same individual, we will reach out and facilitate consolidation.
  • Can I nominate someone outside of Sioux Falls?
    • Tribute to Women is intended to highlight contributions to the Sioux Falls area. Most winners reside in Minnehaha, Lincoln, Turner and McCook counties.
  • How long does it take to complete a nomination?
    • Nominating is simple, and the online form can be completed in as little as 20-30 minutes. Preparing the best nomination may take more time. We suggest you review the nomination form and ask others for input, including the nominee if that is appropriate. You may find it helpful to create and edit your nomination is a word processing program, then cut and paste into the online form.
  • Can I nominate someone who has been nominated in the past?
    • Yes, though no individual is eligible to win in the same category more than once.
  • Who is ineligible for nomination?
    • You cannot nominate a relative, EmBe staff member or their families, or a current EmBe board member. Previous winners may not be re-nominated in the same category.
  • Do nominees pay for their ticket to Tribute?
    • All nominees receive a complimentary ticket to the event.
  • When do you announce winners?
    • Winners are announced live at the Tribute to Women event, and are shared on social media and with local media outlets throughout the evening.
  • When do you announce nominees?
    • Nominees are announced mid-March, following the conclusion of the judging process.
  • How are nominations judged, what’s the criteria?
    • First, nominations are anonymized by removing names and identifying references. Each category is judged by a group of volunteer judges using a 40-point scoring rubric with four categories: leadership, growth, achievement and contribution to community. Each category has a maximum value of 10 points. Judges resolve tied scores before submitting their scores to EmBe. Then, scores are averaged to determine the category winner and scoring is audited.
      • Leadership. Is the individual an effective leader at work and in the community? What unique skills do they demonstrate?
      • Growth. How has the individual demonstrated continued learning? Acquiring new skills?
      • Achievement. What personal and professional milestones has this individual garnered?
      • Contribution to Community. How has the individual made a difference in the community, whether in business, volunteer efforts, or in other ways?
  • How do you select judges?
    • EmBe staff and volunteers nominate community leaders to serve as judges and the roster is affirmed by the Tribute committee. Judges are then assigned categories with an eye to matching their expertise without assigning a category that would make impartiality difficult. For example, someone working in finance would review Healthcare & STEM nominations.

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