Spinsters Rewind

1964 Senior Planners, Lynn James, Jan Lucas, Marcia Muller, Cheryl Ostegaard, Doris Tjaden, Laury Wilson, Becky Smith and Carol Christensen.

The EmBe Spinsters Dance is an annual event that develops leadership skills among young people in the community. Participants from Sioux Falls’ high schools gather together to organize and execute a high school dance, all to benefit youth scholarships and programming needs. The Spinsters Dance began in the late 1930s as a “Sadie Hawkins” dance with proceeds benefitting the YWCA (now EmBe). Those who have participated throughout the decades regard Spinsters as iconic and unparalleled for the ways it brings our local high schoolers together.

Though teens won’t be gathering for a physical dance this spring, the spirit of the Spinsters dance is strong. Spinsters’ long history in the community reminds us of times that we regard as good, and challenging. The cooperation inherent in Spinsters, the idea of coming together for the greater good and having a lot of fun, is worth lifting up as our community comes together to defeat coronavirus. EmBe is aware of only one other Spinsters cancelation, during the time of World War II.

In the spirit of resiliency and in highlighting the history that makes our community special, we invite you to share your favorite Spinsters, memories and photos. There are a couple different ways to share,

  1. Visit EmBe’s social media accounts and leave a comment below our #SpinstersRewind post.
  2. Create your own post on your personal account, don’t forget to include #SpinstersRewind!
  3. Submit your stories or photos by email at info@embe.org.

Finally, EmBe congratulates the Senior Spinsters Committee members on their hard work and dedication over the last two years: Lauren Teller, Mary Kate Statz,

Haleigh Brown, Melia Dockter, Alexis Herr, Madison Roemen, Tatum Wilson, Selena Gonzales, Morgan McDonnel, Elli Richardson, McKenzi Leach, Helen Nigus, Kate Sargent, Ashton Vavra, Sierra Noble and Megan Richardson.

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Spinsters through the ages

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