EmBe begins preschool partnership with Sioux Falls Hope Coalition

EmBe is honored to join forces with the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition alongside six additional major partners, in a collaboration to bring affordable preschool education to everyone in the Sioux Falls area. EmBe serves nearly 1,000 children through childcare for infants through elementary school, providing enrichment and the security of safe, reliable child care for working families.

South Dakota is one of only five states that do not financially support preschool development at the state level. “Joining the Hope Coalition’s efforts is a great fit for our mission. Opening educational doors to all the children in our community is an investment that has lifelong benefits,” said Karen Lundquist, CEO, “The unique blend of organizations is especially powerful.”

According to Child Trends Data Bank, numerous studies show that workers in low-income families are more likely to both get and keep jobs if they have help in meeting child care costs.  When low-income workers do not have child care assistance, they run the risk of returning to welfare, building up large amounts of debt, having to make do with child care that may be lower quality and less stable, or having to choose between child care and necessities such as food or rent.

The effects of quality early-learning programs have been researched and documented for over 20 years by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Participants enrolled in high quality programs experienced a long-lasting impact on their learning and behavior, reflected in significantly higher reading and math scores. By age 21 quality care participants are more likely to be attending college, less likely to have been arrested, more likely to delay parenthood, and be gainfully employed-earning nearly twice the monthly income of their peers.

Quality early care pays a favorable return on its investment. Studies documented a return to society of more than $16 for every tax dollar invested in the early care and education program.

The Sioux Falls Hope Coalition is a local non-profit that strives to ensure that every child get the opportunity to enroll into preschool by partnering with EmBe, the Boys & Girls Club of the Sioux Empire, Peace Lutheran Preschool, Central Preschool, Abiding Savior Academy, Compassion Childcare Preschool and Christian Center Preschool.

Visit the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition website to learn more about the organization.