Staff Spotlight: Michele Leiferman, Lead Teacher of Nursery One

Michele Leiferman has been in the business of childcare for about 30 years.

With more than five of those years spent caring for the kids of EmBe, she has worked closely with many kids and families, helping them transition in big and small ways. But whether a child is graduating from bottles to solid food or from her room to another, she knows all changes are big at this stage. And she knows the weight of her role.

“When they grow out of my room and go to 2s, they still come by and still have to have a hug from me because they’ve ‘always’ hugged me,” Michele said. “The changes we see them through are big for them, so they’ve never stopped being big for me.”

As the Lead Teacher of Nursery One at EmBe Downtown, she begins her day at 7:00 am, quietly preparing lesson plans, laundry, and ensuring a safe and secure environment before drop off each morning. She also works hard to connect with her biggest collaborators in caring for each child: their parents.

“At this stage, we’re closely monitoring schedules for feeding and diaper changes and report to parents when we notice development in motor skills and interests,” Michele said. “So we build on that personal connection each day, asking them how their night went in the morning, and engaging them in their child’s development at pickup.”

As a childcare veteran prior to her time at EmBe, Michele knows the difference between a typical daycare and the educational approach EmBe takes.

When childcare is designed to help children learn, it sets them up for future success. But kids aren’t the only ones who benefit. By facilitating each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, EmBe teachers are empowering the community for generations to come.

“There is just so much more structure and intention built into our programs than others that I wish EmBe could care for all of our children,” Michele said. “The difference can be seen from the light in everyone’s eyes to the joy on their faces. By everyone, I mean kids, staff, and parents. That’s exactly what we need more of.”

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