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A Movement to Inspire and Elevate Young Women

The Rise2Raise (R2R) Collective believes in the transformative power of girls and young women. Through youth-centered and youth-led programming, the Rise2Raise Collective is a collection of programs that equips middle school and high school girls to harness their power and elevate others through peer-to-peer mentorship and education, community action, and connections to leaders, resources, and opportunities.

Why Middle and High School Girls?
Reports show that young people today show an increase in poor mental health, including struggles with depression, stress, and anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this. Research shows that confidence begins to decrease for girls as they enter adolescence. This is when they are inundated with messages telling them to be careful, value perfection, and avoid risk. EmBe is a community leader connecting women and families to people, resources, and opportunities. We are committed to building strong bonds and connections with young people to promote positive mental and emotional health.

Middle School Girls: 6th-8th Grade

The R2R Changemaker Academy inspires girls to use their voices to make a change in their communities. Girls will work in action teams to identity, research, and plan a passion project around social and community issues. This program teaches participants how to identify and influence decision-makers, lead small teams of peers, use their talents to raise awareness around their project, and think critically about what changes they want to achieve for the future. The R2R Changemaker Academy will go beyond giving back to your community through volunteering.

If you have financial or personal barriers, please get in touch with Allison Sinning, Director of Youth Programming to discuss scholarship opportunities.

Session Topics:

  • Session 1:  Finding Your Passion
  • Session 2: Narrowing Your Project Focus
  • Session 3: Identifying Your Audience
  • Session 4: Creating Your Pitch
  • Session 5: Using Your Talents
  • Session 6: Leveraging Social Media
  • Session 7: Pitch Night
  • Session 8: Gaining Support from Peers & Finding Adult Allies
  • Session 9: Dealing with Dissent
  • Session 10: Action Planning – Part 1
  • Session 11: Action Planning – Part 2  & Graduation

*Session topics are tentative and subject to change.

High School Girls: 9th-12th Grade

Created after EmBe Women’s Leadership Program, the R2R High School Leadership Program will focus on supporting high school-age young women. They will think through their future goals, network with leaders, and create attainable action plans for their next steps beyond high school. This program will include learning sessions, networking, and mentoring from women in various fields.

If you have financial or personal barriers, please get in touch with Allison Sinning, Director of Youth Programming to discuss scholarship opportunities.

Session Topics:

  • Session 1:  Leaning into Leadership
  • Session 2: Exploring Your Future
  • Session 3:  Learning from Failure
  • Session 4: Finding Your Voice
  • Session 5:  Challenging your Inner Critic
  • Session 6: Networking 101
  • Mentor Match
  • Mentor Relationship
  • Mentor Check-in
  • Graduation

*Session topics are tentative and subject to change.

Our first Rise2Raise Summit will be held in Fall 2023.

The summit is a one-day event for middle school girls and high school young women to connect, network with community leaders and learn how to engage in community action beyond the summit. There will be breakout sessions on the following topics:

Exploring Your Future

This circle will inspire girls to think deeply about what they want for their future, whether big, crazy, or unconventional. This circle focuses on having honest, meaningful conversations with girls while exploring their prospective options, pursuing dreams and goals, leaning into failures and mistakes, and learning how to explore opportunities, resources, and connections for their future.

Building Resiliency & Leadership

This circle will equip girls with strategies and tools to become school, community, and life leaders. This circle focuses on helping girls learn how to build resiliency, overcome challenges, and prepare girls for future leadership roles.

Inspiring Community Action

This circle will help girls recognize and harness their power, talents, and passion for making meaningful, lasting change in their community and world. This circle will focus on helping girls find their passion project and explore what real social change and community action looks like using their existing talents, ideas, and resources.

EmBe’s mission is to make all programs affordable to anyone who would like to attend. We are looking for corporate sponsors and individual donors to help make that possible. All money raised will support youth programs and the future of our Rise2Raise Collective.

For more information, contact Susanne Gale, Chief Development Officer, at or call 605-681-9834.