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EmBe’s In Dialogue series champions the advancement of both up and comers and established professionals by promoting leadership and positioning its participants to have greater organizational and community impact. Through this series of round-table gatherings, In Dialogue continues to offer an opportunity for women and men to network for professional growth and development, to learn from each other, and to promote action on topics of importance.

Our next event in the In Dialogue series is “Can You Really Have It All?” Balancing the best of who you are at home, work and in the community. Join us as we discuss ways to become more efficient, how and when to confidently say no and creative opportunities for self-care.

November 8, 2018 from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm.

Tickets are available now and include lunch.

Why Women Can’t Have It All
11.14.12 Click to get a copy of the article discussed at the Nov. 7 round table.

Extraordinary Leadership
01.09.13 Extraordinary Leadership – Click here to follow our new In Dialogue blog and be part of the discussion!

Leading Diversity
03.13.13 Leading Diversity – The session focused on the pros/cons of diversity in the workplace, and the role of leadership in mastering diversity for the greatest benefits.

Owning Our Ambition
07.10.13 Are you somewhat ambivalent about projecting power?  Does this need to change if you want to advance your career?

Personal Sacrifices for the Executive Role
09.11.13 You land that great job with lots of perks but with success comes trade-offs. We admire leaders that fight for their beliefs and do not sacrifice principle for expediency. So what sacrifices do you have to make to climb the ladder of success? Executive leaders in our community will share with us their personal sacrifices and what they were not willing to sacrifice to get ahead.

The Need for Sponsorship
11.13.13  “Mentors are good; sponsors are better! To get ahead, find a sponsor – a well-respected business professional to help you get out of the middle management world where so many driven and talented people get stuck. Mentoring prepares people to move up, while sponsorship makes it happen. So how do you find a sponsor or do they find you?

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