Staff Spotlight: Kayla Skufca, Lead Infant Teacher – Mitchell

Staff Spotlight: Kayla Skufca, Lead Infant Teacher of Mitchell

As EmBe parents, program participants, and staff, you already know that we do things differently at EmBe. Thanks to our nonprofit model, we serve the mission of empowerment in order to enrich lives, and that mission extends to each of the children we serve and their families. 

And thanks to hundreds of team members like Kayla, our Lead Infant Teacher in Mitchell, EmBe serves more than 800 children each day. This month, we get to know Kayla through her EmBe journey, and learn what has kept her here for nearly three years.

Kayla’s path to empowerment started in 2019, when she first heard of EmBe from a friend.

“All she talked about was how much she loved her job and how it was so rewarding,” Kayla said. “I decided right then that I needed a job just like that. It’s nearly three years after the fact, and I still love my job!” 

While preparing children for lifelong learning became a passion of Kayla’s, her own progression at EmBe encouraged her to dig in and take in more responsibilities over time. Starting as an assistant KinderCollege teacher in 2019, she was promoted to Lead Teacher a year later. This month, she takes on her newest role as the Lead Infant Teacher, a role she’s excited to transition into.

“There is so much growth at every level of EmBe,” Kayla said. “While the kids grow before our eyes, so does the organization, and so does everyone who works within our family of care.” 

For Kayla, the most memorable moments of impact have come with each KinderCollege graduation. While she looks forward to finding daily points of progress in her new classroom, she has a wealth of encouragement from parents, team members, and her own kids, who also attend EmBe in Mitchell.

“I always realize what a huge difference we make when parents tell me how their child is prepared to learn and how they couldn’t have done it without us,” Kayla said. “You can’t beat that feeling. I have so loved watching each child grow and become their own person just as I have loved watching EmBe grow and provide excellent care to more children each year.”

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